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The mission of The Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) is to further the progress of higher education by contributing our expertise, leadership, and experience from over 200 consultants who have served in community colleges and universities principally as presidents & chancellors, vice presidents, provosts, and deans at over 300 institutions around the country. We collaborate with our clients, as peers and colleagues, in alignment with the most critical needs in higher education, so that together we can create brighter futures for our nation’s students. CBT’s core values are integrity, innovation, quality assurance, collegiality, and a commitment to respond to the unique challenges specific to each client.


In order to provide the best resources, we hand pick and allocate consultants to each case based on their expertise and your organization’s needs. Our experts bring perspective and craft solutions to help you tackle complex problems and identify workable solutions.

CBT brings together the best and brightest problem solvers to focus on where your organization wants to go and how to get there - we identify the issues that hinder or elevate organizations, customize practical solutions, and build consensus to help you achieve success. Because our expertise stretches across community colleges and universities, we can offer a hybrid approach by building the right team for your unique needs and goals. We bring the skills, experience, and brainpower of respected experts in organizational excellence to your doorstep. Take CBT on your journey and see great things happen!


“For college leaders, CBT is the perfect solution for critical issues.”

George Boggs  |  President & CEO Emeritus, American Association of Community Colleges



The Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) is a national firm that has been serving community colleges and universities across the United States since 2007, providing strategic and academic/educational master planning, accreditation support, enrollment management, executive coaching, Board development, organizational assessment, institutional effectiveness, outcomes assessment, fiscal analysis, and human resources consulting. The firm is based in California and includes experienced consultants throughout the United States.

CBT is recognized for its core values of innovation, collegiality, a commitment to student learning, and an ability to respond to the unique challenges specific to each client district. We are known for:

  • Our world-class higher education consultants. Our consultants are experienced in the on-the-ground, hands-on work of faculty and administrative leaders. We have the ability to draw from a pool of over 200 skilled and knowledgeable professionals from throughout the United States who have worked in all areas of community colleges and universities.

  • Our mission-driven focus. We understand the essential nature of the higher education mission. This mission is the primary driver of our efforts on behalf of our clients. We are committed to the success of leaders in ensuring institutional effectiveness and student success.

  • Our collaborative approach. When an institution hires the experience and expertise of the CBT Team, it hires the diversified insight of a consulting group consisting of proven faculty and administrative higher education leaders. They in turn draw upon the strengths and additional expertise of a notable roster of CBT consultants.

  • Our outstanding team leadership. We provide our clients and our consulting team with coordinated and seamless leadership to ensure effective communication and high quality results. Our team leads on each project will draw upon the expertise of other CBT consultants as needed. 

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