Rosenberg, Dan


Dan Rosenberg, with more than 10 years of consulting experience as a senior educational planner. He has served more than 25 colleges on a variety of educational master planning projects. His areas of expertise include enrollment management, growth forecasting, labor market analysis, demographic analysis and space needs projection and allocation. Dan has collaborated with a number of architectural firms on facilities master plans for colleges, providing the important linkage between the academic program and facilities needs. He was one of the key developers of a software system to track finances on bond funded capital construction projects. The system has been (and continues to be) used successfully to track more than $1 billion of college campus construction projects. Before becoming an educational planning consultant, Dan was an entrepreneur and worked on Wall Street. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the Wharton School. His business background provides financial, analytical and communications skills that prove invaluable to his college clients. Dan is able to communicate complex issues in clear, understandable ways and enjoys fostering collaborative and creative problem solving.

Dan has a passion for education and economic development that extends beyond his professional life. He volunteers his time for several organizations working on community development and empowerment projects. Most recently, he is starting an after-school tutoring center and WiFi hotspot in his home town for middle and high school students who lack internet access at home.