Misra, Sukant

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Sukant Misra has served as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Texas Tech University (TTU) since 2002. He has also contributed to the College and University in a wide array of initiatives and activities since becoming a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics in 1993.  Prior to joining TTU, he was a researcher at the University of Georgia. Beyond his service to the college and university, he has served in several local, state, regional, and national positions with professional organizations involved in the advancement of the agricultural and natural resource industries. As the associate dean of research for CASNR, Misra has experience in managing and coordinating many large, faculty-driven, research programs. Some of these efforts include federally funded initiatives on the Ogallala aquifer, cotton, and grain sorghum research, and initiatives in biotechnology, water, viticulture, and enology funded by the State of Texas. In addition to research administration, Misra has considerable experience in managing international initiatives and projects and has many contacts at international institutions, including leading universities in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Romania, Tajikistan, and Turkey. Misra has worked in over twenty countries worldwide and has faculty and administrative colleagues at many international institutions.

Misra received his Bachelor and Master's degrees in Analytical and Applied Economics from Utkal University, India, in 1979 and 1981, respectively. He obtained a second Master of Science degree in 1986 and his doctorate in Agricultural Economics in 1989, both from Mississippi State University.

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