Reed, Greg


Greg Reed is a Former Associate Vice Chancellor for research and Engagement, University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Mr. Reed retired from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville after having served as Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department Head, Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement. The University of Tennessee is the State’s flagship university with an enrollment of over 28,000 students and more than 8,300 faculty and staff. The annual operating budget exceeds $800 million with over $250 million in total research expenditures.

Dr. Reed administered the Office of Research at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville which is responsible for contract/award administration, research compliance, research communications, reporting/analysis of research units, proposal development support operations, business functions for all internal research funds distribution, and support of faculty research council and undergraduate research initiatives.  In this position he either significantly reorganized, or started new, 18 major business practices aimed at better serving the needs of the research and creative community. He has helped lead projects aimed at understanding and improving research administration operations across all research universities.  Relevant Reports include: “The Current Health and Future Well-Being of the American Research University”, (2012) ; “The Current State and Recommendations for Meaningful Academic Research Metrics Among American Research Universities”, (2013). As a faculty researcher, he conducted 60 projects resulting in 117 professional publications. He has served in officer positions in seven professional societies and has served as a consultant to 25 industries

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