Newport, Donald L.

Donald L. Newport has devoted more than 45 years of his life to community college work, including presidencies at five community colleges in Nebraska, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan. Newport has developed a broad perspective of the changing role and mission of two-year colleges in urban/rural, single-campus/multi-college, small/large, and rich /poor settings. Dr. Newport was appointed to his first presidency in Nebraska at the age of 26. In 2004, he retired from Alpena Community College as President Emeritus where a major classroom/library/theatre and activities center is named after Newport to celebrate his more than 33 years as a chief executive around the country. He currently serves on the faculty of The University of Maryland and Ferris State University. A graduate of the University of Michigan’s Ph.D. program in psychology and industrial relation, Newport has also traveled internationally examining the collegiate/social service systems of Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, India, China, and South Africa and serves as a “Distinguished Scholar” at several Chinese colleges/universities on higher education issues.

Professionally, Newport has served as President of the President’s Academy for Two-year Colleges across the United States; Chairman of the President’s Advisory Council of the Association of Community College Trustees; a twice elected member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Community Colleges(AACC); Executive Secretary of the North Central Association of Community Colleges; and member of the Master Planning Commissions for Higher Education in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado while also providing policy leadership to the legislative process in Nebraska, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma and his home state of Michigan on topics ranging from the aging process to computers to economic development to the teaching/learning process to legislative appropriations. He has also worked with AACC as a Technical Consultant on workforce/economic development issues and presenter/counselor to prospective college presidents domestically & internationally.