Malone, Jean

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Dr.Jean Malone has 40 years in public education. As Vice President of Human Resources and District Chief Negotiator, Dr. Malone was instrumental in taking the Citrus Community College District through the implementation of the major reform education bill, AB 1725, in the early 1990’s. Her responsibilities included all of the major human resources functions of an organization, including collective bargaining. In 2004, Dr. Malone was selected by the Community College League of California to oversee the maintenance, growth, and user training of the Online Collective Bargaining (OCB) Database. This database has grown from a few hundred to over 8,000 searchable negotiations-related documents, with over 800 community college users across the state. Dr. Malone continues in this role today and is well known throughout the state for her knowledge about the database and collective bargaining in general.

Dr. Malone has conducted a variety of negotiations-related workshops, served as a Professional Expert for Human Resources in litigation, has conducted Skelly Hearings/Reviews, advised districts through negotiations mediation, crafted contract language, and investigated discrimination claims (including sexual harassment). She has done many salary comparison studies for districts throughout California, as well as comparison studies on a number of other topics of interest.