Hirner, Leo


Leo Hirner has more than 20 years experience as both a faculty and as an administrator of Online Education and Learning Technology.  After serving in the faculty for 10 years, Leo accepted leadership of the new distance education unit at Metropolitan Community College – Kansas City.  His role at MCC has included nearly all aspects of Online Learning – from course design to supporting technologies to student support and services.  In charge of MCC’s Online course programs since 2001, he has worked with teams of faculty and staff through the accreditation process, and is now managing the transition of the distance education program to a virtual campus.  Dr. Hirner’s Ph.D. research focused on methods of evaluation and assessment of Online programs, a topic he continues to research, and he joined the Peer Reviewer Corp of the Higher Learning Commission in 2008.  His membership and activity in local, regional, and national education and technology organizations helps Leo maintain a current perspective on the direction of online education at community colleges.